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Every year during the holidays (especially Christmas, New Year's, and Valentine's
Day), the traffic to our site increase with fraudulent activity from people who just want
to cause misery for others by attempting credit card fraud. We have implemented a
two-step authorization process as additional security to help us deter fraudulent

Step 1: Log-in Request: User Name and Password

This information is used to verify the validation of a person as a human being. If
approved by a customer service representative the person making the request will be
granted access to view the content of the website using their approved log-in user
name and password that will be sent to their verified email account.

If the request is denied (for any reason) the person making the request will be
denied access.

Step 2: Register with our Online Store

All Registered Log-in Customers are able to view Build Ur Own PC .com Online Store
to search for products and add items to the shopping cart to purchase. The second
authorization takes place during check out through the automated check-out process.
This process checks the validation of the Log-in request from step 1 and the
authentication of the person and the credit card that is being used to purchase
products. If the process passes then the customer will receive confirmation of their

If the validation fails (for any reason) the order is automatically cancelled by a
customer service representative and the log-in user account is revoked.

***Happy Holidays from Build Ur Own PC .com***